Erasmus+ in Poznań

Traditional Cuisine in Greater Poland

As you walk through the streets of Poznań, you can come across all kinds of restaurants and cafes serving various dishes that are typical for our region.

Cuisine of Wielkopolska is most often associated with potatoes called dialectally: pyry. This root vegetable was spread mainly in the XIX century and nowadays reigns on our tables in various forms. They can be served with meat, vegetables, in soup or dough in the form of noodles or pancakes called: “plyndze”.

Other famous dishes of Wielkopolska include:

  • Chicken broth – treated as a dish eaten on Sunday (now served with noodles or dumplings, formerly with peas, beans or “kruton” which are semolina cubes).
  • Gray dumplings (przecieruchy) – most often served with boiled sauerkraut or bigos with the addition of fried onion.
  • Dumplings with meat – meat is boiled in the form of dough balls and served with sauce and red cabbage.

When  we talk about the delicacies of Poznań, one cannot forget about the famous

St. Martin’s Croissants. Covered with icing and chopped nuts with a sweet white poppy seed paste inside, they make a sensation on our tables. St Martin’s Croissants are served primarily on the occasion of the Saint Martin’s Day (November 11) on the Street called Święty Marcin in Poznań, but you can also buy them in almost every confectionery in Poznań, especially in the vicinity of the Old Market Square.

You should also try the regional traditional sweet- faworki, also called chruściki. They are traditional, crunchy biscuits with a sweet taste, in the shape of a complex bow, deep-fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Most often eaten during carnival and Fat Thursday.

There are many more traditional dishes to try, so if you’re interested in tasting them we encourage you to visit various restaurants that you can find especially around The Old Market Square (Stary Rynek) in the center of Poznań.

Bogna Smól/