Erasmus+ in Poznań

Multiculturalism in street art. Monochromatic murals in Poznań.

In Poznań, we have a lot of artistic works that attract the eyes of the inhabitants of this city and tourists because of their artistic diversity, message and convention. The street-arts that are worth paying attention to are the classic and quite minimalist ones. If someone is a fan of monochrome ideas, they should be interested in those located at Estrowski and Kutszeby streets.

The street art in Estrowski street was painted on a brick wall by Grzegorz Myćko a few years ago. Although the convention is quite minimalistic, the mural is really interesting. It shows a white dog growling at its black reflection in the mirror, although it only shows itself. It deals with racism in a fairly universal way. It shows us that the features of other people that we criticize are often stereotypes or a reflection of our characters. A dog growling at its reflection represents also the irrational fear of something which doesn’t truly event differ from us. 

The second minimalistic but impressive street art is the one on the wall of the collegium at Kutrzeby  street. It was created by Alicja Biała from Poznań and is entitled “Interest”. This creation presents five different figures, each of which differs in detail referring to the culture of a given continent. Like the previous street-art, this one shows us the problem of multiculturalism but draws our attention more to the fact that it is interesting. This mural is also noteworthy because the artist’s works can also be found in countries such as Portugal, the USA and Germany.

These street-arts, although theoretically not coloured, are certainly worth looking at. Their features and message make them appealing.


Paulina Socha/